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The secret to find the relationship you've always wanted.

I've heard several times people saying they have no luck when it comes to finding the relationship they've been looking for.

As a matter of fact, luck has very little to do with it.

It all starts with self knowledge.

Here I suggest a few things to start with, once you discover those things, stay true to it and find someone who is willing to honor it.

  • Date yourself fist.

  • Know what your soul likes and dislikes. Be aware of your strengths and weakness,

  • What are your blind spots?

  • When do you tend to ignore the red flags and why?

  • Be very clear about your negotiable and non-negotiable.

  • Get to know what feeds your soul, your values, and the type of experiences you would like to share with someone.

  • Be in tune with your feelings and your inner voice.(deep down we know when we should step away or not even start something)

  • Embrace your true self.

Then go ahead and choose your relationship from a place of self knowledge and not from place of lacking.

Taking time to explore the other person to see if they are aligned with what you know about your own self.

Only then we are fully ready to welcome the energy and possibilities a partner can bring into our lives.

When we date someone from a place of self awareness, we are ready to see that person without loosing ourselves in the process.

We are free from the trap of having unrealistic expectations that makes us think the other person is there to fulfill us.

That is the best way to find a unforgettable life story and a solid life long partnership.

I understand for some people, this is easier said than done.

For several different reasons some of us have a hard time connecting with our ownsleves, specially if we've come form a toxic and/or abusive , co-dependent relationship or upbringing.

In those cases, we loose our sense of identity and and it is best to look for professional help to learn how to break free from those patterns.

PS: if you want to know more about the reason we should not start a relationship from a place of lacking,

Check my blog "self love".

Tell me your thoughts or questions on the comments.

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